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Dr. Michael La Mastro is a NJ Holistic Practitioner

Office address:
350 Sparta Avenue
Bldg. B, Suite 6
Sparta, New Jersey 07871
Phone: 973-729-7803


What is a holistic practitioner?

A Holistic Practitioner is a person who looks at the body in several ways in addressing the health of an individual.
The philosophy looks at the mental, the physical and the chemical state of a body in its progression towards health or disease.

What causes disease?

When people live a life away from health - they begin to break down. The environment may at times create certain levels of toxicity-and it affects individuals through the air they breathe - the foods they eat - the water they drink. If their choices are incorrect or the surroundings they live in are toxic, it will have a negative effect on the mind, the body and the spirit.

What is the approach of a holistic practitioner?

The approach of a holistic parctitioner is to look at all of the variables involved in a persons ability to live a long and healthy life. The mechanism to study these variables is a state of the art computer system which looks at the body as magnetic energy - the pathway of which, is from a series of bio meridians that enter and exit through the extremities - the hands and feet. These are the same meridians that an acupuncturist uses in releasing blocked energy or chi. My system - called electrodermal screening - measures that energy, and it provides both the partitioner and the patient the visible feedback of their health quotient. At the time of the reading - the physician attempts to improve readings by the use of homeopathic or herbal remedies which serve to increase the energy in a meridian. Increasing the energy in a meridian reaches into organs, tissues and cells - thereby giving that person the ability to allow their body to heal itself. All that is required is that there be no interference but some gentle help.

What can people do to help themselves heal?

People should be concerned with the foods that they select to eat, as there should be more care to the quality rather than the quantity of foods consumed. Selecting certified organic produce, meats, and vegetables would be the first step in helping to build and nurture a body in decline. A major factor in addition to food is the quality and the quantity of water that an individual consumes on a daily basis. As each cell produces its own toxins - it requires water to enter the cell - flush out the toxins and regenerate the life force of that particular cell. As you know we have billions of cells within our body that make up our being.

Stress, Impariments and Toxins

A major factor in life is the level of stress that people experience at home, at work and even in sleep. Our world has surrounded us with high levels of technological improvements, but yet to a great degree has caused us all geopathic stresses, electro magnetic field stress as well as chemical stresses. One approach that can be used to combat stress is the use of the 32 Bach flower remedies. Each particular flower has a specific response to emotional weaknesses that can be caused by our environmental stresses. With my technology - I am able to measure a particular stress through the meridians - view it on a computer - and specifically measure the appropriate choice or choices of flower remedies which the patient would be able to use over several weeks in order to clear that particular stress.
Mental or emotional impairment called a miasma can also be treated with flower remedies. Miasms lodge themselves into the matrix of the human psyche and body. Other impairments to our life include chemical toxins that enter through the largest organ tissue system of the body - the skin. Our bodies are exposed to thousands of chemicals during our life span. Those chemicals that enter the body are broken down by the liver. In some cases they actually create other micro toxins after the liver breaks them down. These can stay lodged in organ or tissue systems and over a period of time they begin to cause a level of dis-ease. If those toxins are not purged and the patient notices subtle changes in their quality of life, and their functionality - then at some point their bodies begin to degenerate and go towards disease.

Our system is designed to measure toxins that have entered the body and it shows where the toxins are.
Most importantly remedies both homeopathic and herbal - are available to help purge toxins from the body and actually help to increase the immune response to noxious substances so that the person can live a higher quality life and experience their 100 percent of human potential.
Holistic Remedies
Quite simply - after the patient is measured - diagnostically with a computer by the practitioner, then we select a series of draining remedies to clear the system, specifically the lymphatic system. We also select remedies to help improve a person's adrenal responses to chemical emotional and physical stresses and over a period of several weeks they begin to improve. That is their first stage of detox.
Holistic Healing
Subsequent visits require 1 hour sessions with the measurement of meridians and the selection of additional remedies to bring a patient's body into balance called homeostasis. We should all seek that as our goal. My philosophy is to lead by educating my patients into taking responsibility for their own lives. I would prefer not to be their fisherman but to lead and educate them to fish for themselves. After spending one year under my tutelage patient's may visit to be rechecked quarterly or during a six-month period to renourish or to reeler any toxins they may have been exposed to in the interim.

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